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SAP BTP Services: SAP BTP is the Business Technology Platform (literally, what the acronym is about) that can be used to run an organization. But how does the whole system do that?

SAP BTP is a portfolio of different SAP services, products, and solutions united under one roof. Technically, it’s not a single product.

Instead, it’s a collection of tools grouped into four tightly integrated pillars: analytics, database and data management analysis, intelligent technologies, and application development. All of these can be used simultaneously or separately.

What services does SAP BTP offer?

The services provided by SAP BTP are essential and hence can help you build, integrate and scale your business effectively. Here’s what you need to tell about it.

1: Application development

First of all, this particular service provides you with a set of services and tools that you can use to create an application. The new app will be customized. So you can easily integrate it.

The services included under this umbrella are:

  • SAP Fiori Elements (for designing the application)
  • SAP HANA Cloud (to be used as a database of your consumption data etc.)
  • SAP Web IDE

If you wish, you can choose any of these options for your purpose. Since you don’t have to subscribe to anything additionally, you can save a lot of budget with it.

2: integration service

This service lets you connect and integrate any application you create with your system. The whole process runs smoothly due to the excellent implementation capabilities of an SAP-based infrastructure.

  • This service may also include various tools, including:
  • API Management (can be used to collect, store and manage your APIs)
  • event mesh
  • Data integration (can be used to collect available data for further analysis)

The Integration Service will be significant when you deploy an application you have built yourself. So make sure you make the most of it.

3: data and database management service

As the name suggests, this service can only be used to manage the data you have accumulated on SAP devices. The tools and platforms included in this option are:

  • SAP HANA Cloud (functions as a cloud-based platform for storing and evaluating data)
  • SAP data warehouse cloud
  • SAP cloud platform extensive data services

With all these services, you can manage your data and use it efficiently in the future. In addition, you can also use these to make a better and more effective decision later.

4: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Service

This service mainly contains tools for creating and implementing Smart Services on the SAP BTP platform. If you want, you can use it for:

  • Creation and deployment of an intelligent application.
  • Integrate the application and improve the way you work.
  • Automate a repetitive task and use your free time for other things.

In addition, machine learning and AI can also be used to manage your time and ensure productivity across the organization. Just find someone, maybe a specialist, who can help you with this. This technique, it will be easier for you to integrate everything.

5: Analytics Services

If you’re considering building or integrating an analytics application, you might be better off using these services. However, they can only be implemented on SAP BTP, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Data Intelligence. The analytics service is challenging to use and should only be used by someone familiar with the entire infrastructure.

Wrapping It Up!

SAP BTP can be very beneficial for you if used correctly.

For example, you can use the database and data management segment to use the data anywhere. It can also reduce the need to replicate the information you have.

On the other hand, business analytics is used to evaluate your business and ensure that the data you have is correct. The better you assess the topic, the higher your success rate in making a good decision.

However, if we only talk about services, here are some options you can use for development. If you want to know something else about it, please comment below. We will try to help you in any way we can.

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